Low Vision People

All patients of Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetes Mellitus, Cataract, High Myopia, Nystagmus, Albinism and Congenitally Vision Handicapped can now see better.

There Is Cure For Low Vision.

You can find all kinds of technological innovations in our center which improve the vision of patients who cannot see well.

Mini Telescopic Glasses

The most important feature of mini telescopic glasses is not being outwardly obvious. While you see your environment easily, nobody can tell that you use a telescopic spectacle.

What Is Low Vision

The person whose vision could not be increased with medical treatment, laser or surgical methods is called ‘Low Vision Person’. The eyeglasses, contact lenses, laser or surgical treatment do not help low vision persons.

Mini Telescopic Glasses

The rough, bulky and heavy view of the old telescopic spectacles is vanished with the new technology glasses. The new miniature telescopic glasses look like a normal tinted eyeglass, they can be worn in every environment and are not noticed by other people.

Digital Magnifiers

The print is magnified in the ratio you need with these electronic magnifiers. It changes the size as well as the color of print and the background color of text.

Our applications

  • Dolunay Kocabağ
    Dolunay Kocabağ

    Dolunay Kocabağ prepared for the exam with mini telescopic glass. She took 500 full points by answering all the questions with 92% visual loss.

  • Berrunur Işık
    Berrunur Işık

    My daughter was not able to see distance, and now she reads the blackboard at school easily and all her grades rised up to “A”. She had problems in everywhere and now all of them are over...

  • Serkan Atlı
    Serkan Atlı

    I feel quite free with the telescopic glass. I can easily perform my occupation; the marketing.

  • Av. Yaşar Okumuş
    Av. Yaşar Okumuş

    I am Yaşar Okumuş, I'm 45 and a lawyer for 21 years.