Mini Telescopic Eyeglasses

The brand new telescopic spectacles became a normal looking eyeglass in recent years and are used for the treatment of all kind of vision problems -distance or close- of low vision people.

The rough, bulky and heavy view of the old telescopic spectacles is vanished with the brand new technologic glasses.

The new miniature telescopic eyeglasses look like a tinted spectacle, they can be worn in every environment and are not noticed by other people around the patient.

Mini Teleskopik Gözlük

All needs of the low vision patient are met with the mini telescopic device which is located in the centre of drilled tinted spectacle glass. This mini telescopic device is smaller than a paper clip and provides the low vision patient a better seeing ability, easily to shop, able to see the blackboard or the teacher at school, able to watch television, reading newspapers and books, using computer, watching movies with subtitles either on television or in movie theatre and even for driving henceforth.

A clear and big image is formed at the middle of your visual field with the help of paper-clip sized mini telescopic device which is located in front of the pupil. This method is called simulvision, there will not be a constriction in your visual field and reduction in your depth of focus and the patient continues to his/her normal daily life.

Mini Teleskopik Gözlük Mini Teleskopik Gözlük

The most important feature of mini telescopic glasses is not being outwardly obvious. While you see your environment easily, it is not noticed that you use a special telescopic spectacle.

The ‘low vision’ is not fate henceforth with brand new mini telescopic glasses which were used by more than 900 patients since 2007.

The mini telescopic device implanted in the eyeglass is not seen outwardly. Both as appearance and function, the mini telescopic eyeglasses is quite different from the weird, heavy and bulky old-styled telescopic spectacles which are commonly used all around the world. In the mini telescopic technology, the low vision patient reaches a vision level of being successful in every kind of work such as; watching television, reading, using computer, doing exercise, walking around only with a single spectacle after this application.

Mini Teleskopik Gözlük Mini Teleskopik Gözlük Serkan Atlı