Prof. Dr. Ahmet TEMEL, MD

Okuma Gözlükleri

Prof.Dr.Ahmet Temel, MD.; pioneered low vision studies in Turkey in 1981. He successfully treated more than 6000 low vision patients since 1981.

He removed the rough, bulky, ugly and weird look of the old-style telescopic spectacles and transformed the telescopic glasses into a normal looking eyeglass.

Prof.Dr.Ahmet Temel, MD. says that; “There is no place of the ugly and weird glasses in the treatment of low vision. These bulky devices are still dispensed to low vision patients in the name of telescopic spectacle all around the world. In 21st. century a low vision person gets to continue her/his business, education and daily life with a specially designed telescopic glass and can be successful like people who can see normally”

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Temel, MD., works on contact lenses and anterior segment diseases besides his glaucoma specialty. In Spot Low Vision Center he successfully treats low vision patients with the mini telescopic glass that he developed in recent years,